Customised products and services - We deliver products and services according to your requirements.

Alural is a flexible organisation. That is to say, the products and services that you can see on this website are just a small part of what we can offer. The combination possibilities of our machines and workshops are of course endless. That means that we can deliver a product or service that is completely customised to your specific project

Custom-made products and services are based on three basic values:

  • Quality - We will attempt to fulfil all your wishes, as far as possible. We even give pro-active advice. We stop, if we are unable to guarantee absolute top quality. Because that is our hobby horse.
  • Service - The numbers and letters on your order voucher are just a summary of what we can provide. Do you have a question? Is there a special comment? Do you have a complex assignment? We always take the time for detailed consultations with you and we guarantee perfect service - time and again.
  • Partnership - We are more than just a supplier or manufacturer. We consider ourselves a partner. We work along with you, so as to assure that we can create an optimal end-product for your customer.

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