Environmentally friendly production - we are more than just a stakeholder

The Alural Group considers our environment as a valuable heritage. That is why we make great efforts to limit any disturbance of the environment to a maximum, which can be caused by our activities. This is perfectly possible, without any negative economic effects on our company.

We follow these principles in carrying out our business:

  • We respect statutory environmental regulations and the conditions of environmental permits. But that is only a minimum. If we can do more without causing economic problems, then we will do that.
  • We are aware that our company activities have a direct impact on the environment. We investigate that impact and we continuously take measures to reduce it.
  • We take our responsibilities. Every Alural employee is given specific training.
  • We use natural resources in a rational manner. After all, our planet is not an endless reservoir.
  • We limit the environmental impact of waste materials by separating them for appropriate disposal.
  • We communicate regularly about the environment with our employees, the neighbours of our company and with government agencies.

In this way, Alural observes that Environmental Charter of Province of Antwerp. This has been confirmed by an environmental audit, which was carried out on 4 June 2010. In addition, Alural has been recognised by the Audit Covenant for 4 years.