Pre-anodisation - The preferred pre-treatment for applications in risky environments!

Are you using aluminium plates or profiles in aggressive environments? Then we recommend our pre-anodisation process as a pre-treatment. This process makes your aluminium stronger and more resistant against the elements.

When is pre-anodisation recommended?

Aluminium is a strong construction material. However, if it is confronted with very aggressive environmental factors, then it is best to avoid any risk. We certainly recommend pre-anodisation for applications in:

  • Coastal areas and estuaries of large rivers
  • Industrial surroundings
  • In the neighbourhood of railroad tracks and tramlines
  • In the immediate neighbourhood of cooling towers
  • In the neighbourhood of airfields
  • Interior swimming pools, water treatment stations and the livestock industry

Here you can download our definition for an aggressive environment >

Alural guarantees optimal protection

Alural is the only surface treatment company in the Benelux, which can carry out pre-anodisation and powder coating in the same workplace. That is necessary for being able to guarantee the quality. Because not all too much time may pass between the pre-anodisation and powder coating processes. And your aluminium may not come into contact with foreign substances during that period.

Alural always guarantees top quality. That is why you get an insured guarantee of 10 years on your profiles, something that is unique in the world of surface treatment. This even applies in aggressive environments, on the condition that anodisation was carried out as a pre-treatment.

Here you can download our folder about pre-anodisation >

Oprek pre-anodisatie
Pre-anodisatie proces
Afpak pre-anodisatie
Pre-anodisatie - voor aluminium gebruik in agressieve milieus
Pre-anodisatie - voor aluminium gebruik in agressieve milieus