Wood decoration

Wood decoration - Combines looks and quality with user friendliness

Aluminium may have one disadvantage. It does not look like wood. And at some locations, and for some projects, this look is very important.

The solution? Wood decoration. We process the aluminium with a unique technology, so that it will look like wood. That doubles the benefit to your customers: They get the wood look that they want and the durability of high-quality aluminium.

Unique sublimation technology

Giving aluminium a wood-look is not that simple. However, at Alural we used a special base coating and a unique sublimation technology, the result of which is durable and flexible. This process is carried out in five specialised steps:

  1. We first apply a base layer with open pores, according to the Qualicoat standards.
  2. The profile is then wrapped in foil. The inside of this foil consists of a printed wood grain.                                                                                              
  3. We create a vacuum in the foil and then put your wrapped profile into a furnace for 6 minutes.
  4. This separates the ink from the foil. The ink penetrates into the base layer.
  5. During cooling, the pores of the base layer are closed.

Endless possibilities

We are the pioneers in this type of (wood) decoration of aluminium, and we continue to invent new applications of this technology. Nowadays we can imitate 12 different types of wood perfectly, and numerous other finishes are also possible. In addition, your profiles continue to be suitable for both the interior and exterior applications after such a treatment.

Here you can download our folder about wood decoration >

Houtdecoratie via sublimatieproces
Aanbrengen van de sublimatie folie
Aanbrengen van de sublimatie folie
Houtdecoratie van aluminium - voor profielen en platen
Allerlei houtimitaties zijn mogelijk